The electromagnetic simulation software CST STUDIO SUITE® is the culmination of many years of research and development into the most accurate and efficient computational solutions for electromagnetic designs in a wide range of frequencies – static to optical. The 2017 release builds further on CST’s synthesis and simulation capabilities, with new features for filter design, interference analysis and multiphysics simulation.

Mechanical Simulation Tools

Discover the Power of the Portfolio – combine SIMULIA’s technologies to reveal the full potential of realistic simulation. All “Power of the Portfolio” technologies are accessible with Abaqus, Isight, Tosca, Fe-safe, XFlow, Simpack

Antenna Magus

Antenna Magus is the most extensive antenna synthesis tool available on the market today. Its huge database of over 300 antennas can be explored to choose the optimal topology, designed to meet the system criteria and exported to seamlessly integrate with your design workflow.


Develop your potential with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS®), a CST DESIGN STUDIO® (CST DS®), and etc. Improve your performance with our hands-on training course.

Antenna Measurement Chamber

Over-the-air (OTA) Measurement system have been approved by the CTIA, guaranteeing their quality and reliability.

EMC Measurement Chamber

EMC measurement Chambers offer semi-anechoic radiated emissions (RE) and radiated immunity (RI) compliance test capable for most international EMC compliance regulations.

Simulation and Measurement Consultation

RF Station provides Simulation and Measurement Consultation to help you reduce design cycle time or product cost. With our proficiency in 3D EM simulation and measurement.

Tempest Room

Tempest room is a shielded room build according to IEEE 299 testing requirements, that provides the highest possible shielding attenuation, creating a controlled electromagnetic environment protecting sensitive.